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Talk, Think, Teach is a blog about my thoughts on teaching and the wider education landscape: from policy to pedagogy to practice.

My name is Daniel (or “Sir”, “Mr Tye”, or sometimes, “Miss”). I’m originally from the North East of England but ventured South about 8 years ago. I’m currently a History teacher and from September 2021, Subject Lead for KS3 History. Previous roles I have had included More Able Coordinator and also teaching across specialism (English, R.E. and Philosophy and Ethics).

Previously, I was the Senior Parliamentary Researcher to a Labour MP and Shadow Minister, Sharon Hodgson, with specific focus around education, health and child poverty policy issues.

Some of my proudest achievements included campaigning against repeated attempts to cut Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM), sitting on the board of the School Food Plan Alliance, working on the initial stages of the Children’s Future Food Inquiry, co-coordinating the organising, planning, writing and release of a Select Committee-style inquiry into the links between social mobility and basketball in inner-city areas, working on legislation to stop ticket touting and promoting a more LGBT+ inclusive approach to public health policy.

I also had a brief stint as Head of Public Affairs at the Holocaust Educational Trust, where I managed the public affairs of the charity, working specifically on projects that raised awareness of the work of the Trust around combating antisemitism in modern political discourse and around their educational work, such as the Stories from Willesden Lane project.

My main interests within teaching and education focus around decolonising and diversifying the curriculum, including furthering the interweaving of Black British, South Asian and LGBTQ+ stories into the History curriculum, to ensure we tell as full a narrative of the past as possible, literacy in the school curriculum and how we can all better improve literacy in our students, wider Teaching and Learning (including student teacher mentoring) and supporting the development of student’s cultural capital and using education as (one of many) vehicles to eradicate inter-generational poverty in our society.

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